Photo:  Ann-Sofi Rosenkvist

Photo: Ann-Sofi Rosenkvist

Innovative Learning Technology

“Datorn i Utbildningen” is an independent and non–profit organization that works with school development and ways of strengthening educational learning with the help of IT. This is done by creating arenas, organizing activities and building networks between schools, organizations, governmental departments, councils and researchers. The organization visits London in January every year to attend the BETT Show; the world leading education technology event.

Last week I was very pleased to welcome “Datorn i Skolan” to the Swedish residence for a seminar and a reception. As Recent research in Sweden shows that the gap is widening between those students who do well and those who don’t, the focus was on how to break that trend. In that context it was very interesting to learn from measures taken in schools in London to change the situation. “The London Challenge” is a particularly interesting project as it offers both an innovative and groundbreaking approach.

I was very grateful to the prominent architect behind London Challenge, Sir George Berwick, as well as Professor Louise Stoll who has monitored and evaluated the project, and Anne Canning, a UK leading school developer. Their participation in the seminar was most appreciated.

It is extremely valuable to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Engagement and exchange of different approaches are crucial tools in order to find new methods and models that can help us to create the best school we possibly can, for everyone.

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