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London to host Nordic Culture Festival

It was wonderful news that Nordic Ministers for Culture decided to select the Southbank Centre in London as the main host of a new joint venture for Nordic art and culture in 2017. This cultural venture will take the concept of “play” as its starting point and will continue throughout 2017. The Southbank Centre project has been selected from a number of proposals from around the world, which have been considered by around 80 organisations and institutions from across the Nordic Region. Criteria such as quality, innovation, local demand, budget etc. served as the basis for the selection.

It is quite easy to see why Jude Kelly CBE, artistic director of the Southbank Centre, was also very pleased. In a comment she said: -It’s a great honour for the UK and Southbank Centre to have been chosen for the Nordic Cultural Project in 2017. The Southbank Centre is perfectly placed to celebrate the very best of Nordic culture through our award-winning festival programme and we are delighted that this year-long partnership will enable us to present a truly authentic cultural exchange showcasing the richness and diversity of the Nordic countries, including the more ‘hidden voices’ of Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Islands. Inspired by the Nordic countries’ enlightened approach to culture and education, the theme of ‘play’ will be at the heart of the project, from outdoor play to literature, music, dance, performance, design and visual arts. Let the collaborations commence!

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