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Photo: Jannica Honey


The Duke of Edinburgh marks 60 years as patron for Anglo-Swedish Society

On November 4th HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Patron of the Anglo-Swedish Society, held a Reception at Buckingham Palace to mark his 60th year as Patron. It was a lovely event and The Duke of Edinburgh gave a very nice speech that summed up the relationship between our two countries in a brilliant way. It often strikes me how straightforward the UK-Swedish relationship actually is and how the historical bonds between our countries can be traced back a thousand years. In this context it is worth noting that Sweden is one of the 22 countries that the UK never invaded. Among the other 21 countries we find Mongolia, Luxembourg, Uzbekistan, Mali, but also the Vatican City.

There were more than 100 guests at the reception and we are very grateful to Alexander Malmaeus, the Chairman of the Anglo-Swedish Society for his role in organizing so many great events.


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    Vad fint!

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    H E The Swedish Ambassador is also a Patron of the Anglo-Swedish Society and we are grateful for everything she does for us!

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