Visit to Edinburgh

Over the years I have made several trips to Edinburgh and it was a great pleasure to be back. As a child I was often told stories about Edinburgh as my grandmother was once a student at the Edinburgh Art College. During my visit to Edinburgh last week I had several meetings in the Scottish Parliament and met with professors at Edinburgh University to discuss the upcoming referendum on the future of Scotland. I also had a chance to see the head of the office of the European parliament Per Johansson who happens to be a multilingual Swede from Värmland.

It is always a pleasure to see our Consul General Torvald Colliander who does an excellent job for Sweden and is always a great source of knowledge. In addition he has a great sense of humour.

Together we had the opportunity to see the theatre play “Pressure” at the Royal Lyceum Theatre. It was a great play and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Scottish meteorologist James Stagg, a plumber’s son from Dalkeith who, in the summer of 1944, found himself summoned to General Dwight Eisenhower’s UK headquarters to advise on the weather forecast for Monday 5 June, the day chosen for the crucial D-Day landings.

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    Jag heter Sergi. Tyvarr jag
    missade ditt besök. Jag gör min forskarutbildning avhandling för min magasinprogram i Edinburgh,Storbritannien. Edinburgh är myckett vackart!

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