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Golden Gavel to Chairman of Kinnevik

“Some see problems and ask why. I dream of things that never were and say why not.” These were the words of Robert F. Kennedy – inspired by George Bernard Shaw. Those words came to mind after a speech at the Swedish residence by Cristina Stenbeck, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Investment AB Kinnevik. The speech was very timely as Cristina Stenbeck had just been awarded the Golden Gavel for her outstanding performance in the role as chair of a company board. Her speech at the residence was most inspirational and you can detect a very strong and creative culture at Kinnevik.

Kinnevik has experienced more than 75 years and three generations of business. It has been an impressive winding road through timber, chocolate, agriculture, minerals, steel, paper, power, car dealerships, car electronics, insurance, newspapers, mobile telephony licences, television channels, satellites, call centres, liquid packaging carton, e-commerce, land line telephony, banks and many other things.

The Golden Gavel award was established in 2005 by Deloitte and the Swedish Academy of Directors. The award is presented in association with Fairford Group, Heidrick & Struggles, Roschier and Swedbank. Media partner is Dagens Industri.

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