Photos: Fenella Mett

A Culinary School Meal

Sweden is one of the very few countries in the world that serves free school meals to all children. Every day 1.4 million helpings of school food are served in Sweden.

We thought this was worth celebrating at the Swedish School in London. To make it a very special occasion two of Sweden’s most famous chefs Gustav Trädgårdh and Jonas Dahlbom prepared lunch for all the children at the school.

The children very much appreciated having delicious Swedish meatballs and many had second helpings. Children make such funny comments and I overheard one very young boy talking to his friends: “How do they make such good food?”

Later on the Mayor of Richmond turned up and she thoroughly enjoyed having a meal with the children. Two young boys at the age of 9 declared that they wanted to become starred chefs in the future. I look forward to visiting their Michelin starred restaurants in the future.

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