Through the alleys of Stockholm

Some participants in the haiku competition, and some friends of theirs, have pointed out that we did not follow the first rule when we decided on the winner. The first rule said that the contributions had to be in the 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

Point taken. It was my fault. I selected the poems for the others to vote on and also selected those who did not follow the syllable count. The ones that did get votes and followed the first rule were:


these warm sunlit days

wondering how to conceal

my dragon tattoo

(written by Marie Shimane)


calm and beautiful

Stockholm until it blasts off

midsummer mayhem

(written by Paul Holman Faust, Jr.)


A green breeze in woods

waymarks led to Uppsala

in my peaceful dream

(written by Kinoshita Naoko)


The Baltic Sea wakes

from a deep sleep, waves of May

washing the seashore

(written by Kinoshita Naoko)


A Swedish log house

on my way to the station,

fragrance of coffee

(written by Kinoshita Hajime)


Early summer breeze

through the alleys of Stockholm

shoulder to shoulder

(written by Shimizu Kyoko)


Birches in green leaves -

the lake reflects the shadow

of the white palace

(written bu Shimizu Kyoko)


Reindeer on the road

Soon hidden by the birch trees

A brief eye contact

(written by Johan Unga)


Glistening three crowns

Reflecting in the water

Seagulls cross the sky

(written by Johan Unga)


A sanctuary

Away from expectations

A house in the woods

(written by Louise Bylund)


Since it was my idea to have a competition in the first place, and my fault that we did not follow rule number one, I will select a second winner. In my view the two poems written by Shimizu Kyoko are excellent and the winning poem of the two is:


Early summer breeze

through the alleys of Stockholm

shoulder to shoulder




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