Arkiv - Sweden in Poland

Ecostacja – recycling in practice

 Just back from Ecostacja. It was formally opened today.

As is obvious from the name it has something to do with environment….

Swedish fashion miracle in Warsaw

Before Friday evening last week I had never given a speech on a catwalk. Who knows when it will happen again? If…

Summing up the week – and the visit to Wrocław

Friday afternoon – summing up the week.

My calendar has been even more packed then it usually is, for some good reasons….

“We’ve had enough”

I attended the 4th Women’s Congress Friday and Saturday. One of a fairly limited number of men among 9000 women.

I was…

Back to work

Vacation over – and it feels definitely better than expected. I am happy to be back at work. Not only because of…

One year in Poland – and a visit to the fascinating city of Łódź

June 27th I concluded my first year as Swedish Ambassador to Poland.

I arrived just after the State Visit by the King…

Happy Midsummer!

Football is still the dominating subject for discussions everywhere I go in Warsaw. I am asked to comment upon the latest games…


Almost everything in Warsaw these days has some connection to football. Matches are commented upon. Forecasts are made. Losers regretted, winners congratulated

A simple principle for a special day

Lots of rain are pouring down over Warsaw.

Normally I wouldn’t have cared too much but we have the National Day upcoming…

”For me, there’s no other choice”

Yesterday was a day totally devoted to the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. There should be even more days of that kind.