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Moments to remember

Two memorable moments in the Swedish Residence these last days. Visit of Jonas Gardell, the author of i.a. the remarkable novel “Never wipe tears without gloves”. And our National Day music event June 6th.
Mr Gardell came to Warsaw for the Big Book Festival (when we actually also had activities ongoing in connection to our Residence).

But his visit was extremely well timed for a different reason – since it took place the day after the Equality Parade (Parada Równości) where I participated together with colleagues and family. Hence, the LGBT-issues were very high on the agenda that particular weekend as they should always be.

I shared some Swedish views and experiences in an article in Gazeta Wyborcza that Friday:,75248,16146266,Ide_na_Parade_Rownosci.html

And the parade itself was very well organised – and very well attended as far as I could see. Congratulations to all involved!

To host Jonas Gardell in our Residence was one of my most memorable moments during this year. His novel (and the TV-series produced) is not only a moving story about the AIDS-epidemic in Stockholm in the 80′s but it also addresses broad issues of love, stigmatisation and discrimination. Please read it! Thanks to Katarzyna Tubylewicz the first part is already available in Polish and the two others will follow.

I explained the idea behind our National Day event in my last blogthe same day  (but failed to write about it afterwards last week…). I was extremely happy to be able to host around 275 mainly Polish guests - and to offer both a great jazz concert by Peder Hofmann and Jan Adefelt, the concept of getting music through Internet by Spotify and Swedish tastes presented by our excellent chef Michał Godyn. The film now available on Youtube gives a possibility to remember for those who participated and to get a taste of what happened for everybody else:

I have had so many more interesting experiences these last days that I would like to share. My visit to Kielce two days ago not least, organised in an excellent way by Marshal Adam Jarubas and his office. And I was inspired by the clear ambition of the University – with Ambassador Ryszard Czarny as a driving force – to develop a Nordivc centre where i.a. solutions in the area of sustainable development can be shared.

But I am running out of time. A long weekend lies ahead. Tomorrow Corpus Christi and Friday Swedish Midsummer.

Next week will take me to Gdansk and Balt Military Expo together with our Defence Attaché Claes Nilsson, which I am very much looking forward to. But before that some days to rest. Have a nice long weekend!


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