Breaking stereotypes

 DJ Wika was one of the guests in the Swedish Residence at the International Women’s Day this Saturday March 8th.

She is definitely an excellent DJ. Additionally an excellent example of stereotype breaking, which was the theme chosen for the event organised by us together with Institute of Public Affairs (ISP) and the Women’s Congress.

In my last blog I promised to come back with some impressions from the event.

In short - it was very inspiring, to say the least.

(photos: P. Dziubak)

We were i.a. reminded by Deputy Speaker Wanda Nowicka about the importance to encourage women to get engaged in politics. Barakat Ghebrehawariat, an expert from “Pośrednictwo sprawiedliwości – Rättviseförmedlingen” in Sweden, described how he and his colleagues are working practically to address the much to common excuse: “we couldn’t find any women suitable for this position”. They search and present possible candidates.

And several “anti-stereotypes” were presented. Showing that it is possible to break new ground. To be a female DJ. Or to be a male pre-school teacher. Or to be a female lutheran priest. Or to establish a club for active fathers paving the way for more fathers to engage.

Part of the inspiration came out of the great moderation provided by Dorota Warakomska, chairperson of Stowarzyszenie Kongres kobiet. And another part of the simple fact that we recieved three times as many guests as expected. We had counted on 60. We got 180.

Quite a few of them were children – and that we actually had prepared for.

Through activities in the spirit of Astrid Lindgren (you can see a red Pippi wig in the picture) e.g. reading, drawing and competitions.

There was a report on about the event including my introductory speech:

I used those short comments partly to describe what I hope from the world where my two daughters will live their adult lives:

“Jestem ojcem dwóch młodych kobiet. Chciałbym, żeby ich świat był światem, w którym kobiety dzierżą połowę władzy, otrzymują całe wynagrodzenie, a w domu dzielą się obowiązkami ze swoim mężem czy partnerem. Światem, w którym nie ma miejsca na przemoc wobec kobiet i dzieci. Światem, w którym kobiety będą mogły rodzić dzieci nie ryzykując śmiercią. Światem, w którym kobiety mają prawo decydować o swoim ciele.”

50 per cent of the power is a key element. As well as an end to gender pay gap.

We could not take a family photo with all 180 participants, but some of us gathered in and around the sofa towards the end of the event. And yes, we were definitely energized.

The week ahead is a week under the shadow of the continued Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

But I will be dealing with other issues as well. Looking forward not least to my journey to Katowice Thursday to Saturday for different activities. Like having breakfast with Swedish companies, meeting students and finally participating with a speech at the regional Women’s Congress.

More inspiration to collect there for sure.










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