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Vacation over – and it feels definitely better than expected. I am happy to be back at work. Not only because of the lovely Summer like September weather that is making Warsaw so remarkable at this time of the year. Still it helps.

My first two working days in Poland was devoted to defence material – specifically the annual fair in Kielce (this year celebrating its 20th Anniversary). There was a significant Swedish presence primarily through Saab and BAE Hägglunds. And for me a very good learning experience with guidance from i.a. our new Defence Attaché. Colonel Claes Nilsson, not least concerning the interesting reform process that the Polish Armed Forces are going through.

I decided immediately to come back to Kielce next year.

But my work programme for this autumn started one week earlier with the annual meeting for all Swedish Heads of Missions around the world in Stockholm. One week of intensive, informative and inpsiring briefings, obviously with a lot of focus on the financial crisis in its different dimensions which will continue to be high on the political agenda also for the foreseeable future. Luckily I also got the opportunity to participate in the farewell party for Ms Katarzyna Tubylewicz who is leaving her post after six very succesful years as Director for the Polish Institute – an institution which in my opinion is doing an excellent job in linking our countries together and presenting a more modern and true image of Poland in Sweden.

I actually made a short break in my vacation early August to be able to participate in one of their activities, a couple of seminars with MP:s Robert Biedroń and Anna Grodzka during the Stockholm Pride week. I have met both of them in Warszaw and it was great to listen to them in a Swedish context. I was especially impressed by the documentary film produced with and about Ms Grodzka, remarkable in her openness about herself and about transsexualism.

Today, the first day in office, has been a day of calendar management since September is really kick-starting with activities in many areas at the same time. Like receiving MP:s from the Swedish Parliamerntary Committee on justice next Monday. Saying goodbye to our excellent colleague Counsellor Gunnar Haglund Tuesday. Introducing new staff and interns Wednesday. Going to Kraków (Willa Decjusz) for a human rights-related process Thursday. Participating in the exciting 4th Congress of Women Friday. And taking part in the inauguration of the Scandinavian Film Festival with focus on children on Saturday.

Vacation is over. Na pewno – I think could be added in Polish.



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  1. 01

    Nice to read your new comments and see that you are “back on track” after vacation time.
    I hope your visit in Sweden was really good !
    …It was fantastic for me to get possibility meet You during your Stockholm visit.
    I wish You all the best and further good experiences in Poland !
    Kind regards
    Paul Delster

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