Polish foreign policy in focus

Hectic days. There are constantly interesting people to meet, articles and reports to be written or scrutinized, important events to be attended.

Meaning good days.  

The very latest important event took place this morning: Foreign Minister Sikorski reading the foreign policy exposé in the sejm.

Again very much oriented towards Europe and with a  clear voice advocating for more European integration. Worth reading also for others than diplomats: see the link below. http://www.msz.gov.pl/The,Minister,of,Foreign,Affairs,on,Polish,Foreign,Policy,for,2012,50768.html

Then I am supposed to report  to Stockholm which I did immediately, noting also the recognition in the declaration of the joint Polish-Swedish efforts initiating and energizing the Eastern Partnership of European Union.

Debate in the sejm followed and I will try to catch up with that tomorrow through media. As I will regarding the new information about the Government messages on the pension age reform coming out earlier today.

Hectic days for an Ambassador. But even more for Polish decisionmakers.


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